We, the Polish people, owe a special debt of gratitude to Ronald Reagan, who contributed greatly to our regaining freedom in 1989. It goes beyond doubt that the US foreign policy under Reagan’s presidency was a key factor that led to the faltering of the Soviet Union and as a result triggered the massive political transition of the Central and Eastern Europe. President Reagan was a staunch supporter of the “polish cause” and in his 1981 Christmas address said: “We, the people of the free world, stand as one with our Polish brothers and sisters”. Therefore, the Foundation work is an attempt to express our gratitude for the support we received in the past.

The Ronald Reagan Foundation in Poland is an apolitical non-governmental organization. The Foundation activities are underpinned by the values that reflect the social and political heritage of Ronald Reagan – the  40th President of United States.

The Foundation goal is to promote in Poland the historical heritage of Ronald Reagan’s presidency as well as supporting cooperation and dialogue in the mutual relations between Poland and the USA. The Foundation aims at enhancing the rule of law, strengthening free-market economy and encouraging citizens to get involved in the public sphere. Our goal is to run projects that contribute to supporting democracy, liberty and innovations, as well as promote freedom of the individual.

The Foundation was created with consent of Mrs. Nancy Reagan and in cooperation with The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, based in Simi Valley, California – entity responsible for global promotion of the 40th US President’s heritage. In 2011 the Foundation unveiled a Ronald Reagan statue in Warsaw. The monument, funded with private donations only, is located oppostie the Embassy of the United States.

The Ronald Reagan Foundation in Poland was created in 2008 by Messrs. Janusz Dorosiewicz, Tomasz Barylski, Adam Brzozowski and Andrzej Olszewski.